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Post Opinion: Win or lose, Trump is here to stay

November 6, 2020 - NYC coddles the privileged, pain-in-ass anarchists who spit on cops
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Rich Lowry
Win or lose, Trump is here to stay
Pending the outcome in a few key states, Donald Trump may be leaving the White House, but he's not exiting the room. The fiercest Never Trump critics hoped for —…
Bob McManus
NYC coddles the privileged, pain-in-ass anarchists who spit on cops
The first thing to notice about the young, ahh, lady arrested in Manhattan Wednesday for spitting...
New York voters said no to the local progressive agenda
New York voted strongly for Joe Biden this election — yet rejected a lot of other...
Jonah Goldberg
Yes, the election was all about Trump
At a rally before the election, President Trump was talking about the choice between him and...
Glenn H. Reynolds
The left is again showing that it can't stand anyone who disagrees
This year's presidential election hasn't provided the catharsis that many on the left were awaiting. Instead...
Ballot propositions nix progressive ideas — but OK drug use
Voters even in strongly Democratic states just rejected progressive ideas in a host of ballot proposals....
Revolving-door justice for 'phlegm fatale' shows contempt for cops
Devina Singh stands charged with obstruction of governmental administration, violation of local law and harassment after...
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