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Post Opinion: Trumpism won, despite election results: Devine

November 16, 2020 - When talk of 'unity' just means 'surrender'
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Miranda Devine
Trumpism won, despite election results: Devine
You just had to see the enthusiastic cheer of tens of thousands of pro-Trump protesters who flocked to Washington, DC, over the weekend to understand it doesn't really matter what…
David Harsanyi
When talk of 'unity' just means 'surrender'
Political unity is an ugly, authoritarian idea. No free nation has domestic political unity, nor should...
Bill de Blasio's pandemic bungling
Hand it to The City for digging up the proof that Mayor Bill de Blasio's team...
Josh Hammer
After years of refusal, Democrats now preach 'accept election results'
Members of the Electoral College don't formally meet to elect the next president until Dec. 14,...
Shameless profiteering by the NYC Department of Education
Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza needs to tell his minions to stop trying to cash in on...
Lefties attack MAGA marchers in DC — and the media shrug
If counter-protesters had triggered fighting across Washington, DC, in the wake of the January 2017 Women's...
Hold the Christmas songs, please, and other commentary
Culture critic: Hold the Christmas Songs "Seeking to cheer up the population," observes "Candid Camera" host...
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