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Post Opinion: President Trump, your legacy is secure — stop the ‘stolen election’ rhetoric

November 8, 2020 - Unity with Trump supporters? OK, prove you mean it, Joe!: Goodwin
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President Trump, your legacy is secure — stop the 'stolen election' rhetoric
The math is looking near-impossible for President Trump to win re-election. But he should take pride in what he's done for the nation and the world these last four years….
Michael Goodwin
Unity with Trump supporters? OK, prove you mean it, Joe!: Goodwin
The election's not even over yet and already Joe Biden's peace train could be headed off...
Charles Gasparino
Corporate relief that Democrats may not 'own' Congress
That collective sigh of relief you heard last week was from Wall Street, now that a...
Brendan O'Neill
Why elite Democrats are furious over the loss of anti-Trump politics
So Joe Biden has won the highest popular vote in the history of the US. At...
Peter W. Wood
America wasn't founded on slavery in 1619 — but on Pilgrims' ideals written in 1620
In August 1619, a pirate ship, the White Lion, stopped at Jamestown and traded twenty-some captive...
Gianno Caldwell
Why the supposedly racist Trump grew his numbers with black and Latino voters
Trump received historic levels of black support not seen since 1960, and record-breaking Latino support suggests...
Andrew Cuomo's cynical ploy to kill minor New York parties just flopped
Kudos to the Conservative and Working Families parties for frustrating Gov. Cuomo's bid to kill them...
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