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Post Opinion: Joe Biden’s coronavirus advisers are worse than the disease

November 13, 2020 - Andrew Cuomo's arrogance looks primed to kill even more New Yorkers
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Joe Biden's coronavirus advisers are worse than the disease
Joe Biden's COVID-19 Advisory Board looks pretty . . . sick. One of his top guys wants a six-week national lockdown, with mass borrowing to pay all the sidelined workers….
Andrew Cuomo's arrogance looks primed to kill even more New Yorkers
Gov. Andrew Cuomo insists Team Trump's COVID-19 vaccine plan is so "flawed" that he won't it...
Ed Mullins
New York voters gave us reason to hope a moderate can win 2021 NYC mayoral race
If this month's election is any guide, state and local politics bode ill for progressive Dems....
Heather Mac Donald
Biden-Harris aim to cripple cops nationwide in name of Black Lives Matter
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are unambiguous: They believe racism pervades policing and all other aspects...
Andy Ngo
The anti-cop hypocrisy of Portland's pols
This week brought news that Portland City Commissioner (as councilmembers are known) Jo Ann Hardesty called...
Beijing's boot crushes deeper in Hong Kong's face
Beijing's boot is crushing the last facades of Hong Kong's freedoms, purging the island's Legislative Council...
The new GOP coalition and other commentary
Election journal: The New GOP Coalition America's increasing diversity and minorities' changing attitudes ­toward Democratic policies...
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