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Morning Report: Tensions flare between Trump supporters and opponents at DC protests

November 15, 2020 - Gangster Dutch Schultz's $150 million treasure is supposedly buried in New York
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Morning Report NOVEMBER 15, 2020
Tensions flare between Trump supporters and opponents at DC protests
Tensions flared after dark Saturday — and one person was stabbed — as pro- and anti-Trump factions clashed in Washington D.C. — hours after...
Catskills Gold Rush
Two treasure hunters say they're on the verge of finding the legendary booty buried by famous mobster Dutch Schultz.
For President Trump, a larger fight endures after 2020 election: Goodwin
It will take a miracle now, actually several of them, but President Trump is not ready to throw in the towel. Publicly at least,...


No kitten: Former scale-tipping cat drops 20 pounds
He's pussy galore no more. The abandoned megacat pictured on The Post's front page at a scale-tipping 41 pounds is now half the feline...
'I could see he was crazy' earlier victim alleges of Rick Moranis attack suspect
"I could see he was crazy," said the victim of her April run-in with Marquis Ventura, the suspect arrested today in connection to the...
Grandmother acts as daughter's surrogate and gives birth to granddaughter
A 51-year-old Illinois woman has given birth to her own granddaughter. Julie Loving agreed this year to be the "gestational mother" for her daughter,...
Tax filings reveal Biden cancer charity spent millions on salaries, zero on research
A cancer charity started by Joe Biden gave out no money to research, and spent most of its contributions on staff salaries, federal filings...


Man buys Cole Porter's table at Waldorf auction after reading about it in The Post
When New Yorker John Clark read in The Post last month that the Waldorf Astoria Hotel was conducting a landmark auction of furniture and...
Sour Apple: New stats reveal huge NYC exodus — and where they're going
More than 300,000 New Yorkers have bailed from the Big Apple in the last eight months, new stats show. City residents filed 295,103 change...
Guinness family curse strikes again as young brewery heiress drowns
The famed Guinness clan has tragically lost another member of its family. It was revealed this week that heiress Honor Uloth, 19, died in...
R&B singer Jeremih reportedly on a ventilator in ICU with COVID-19
It's not clear when the "Paradise" crooner caught COVID-19, or when he entered the hospital.
Score the ultimate coding training bundle for 2021 and beyond for just $60
No matter who you are, whether you work in a tech field or not, learning some...


Daughter captures touching moment mom with dementia plays piano
'Friday the 13th, 2020' memes spoof cursed day
Best star snaps of the week: Angelina Jolie, Katie Holmes and Halsey
New Yorkers celebrate Presidential election results: The Post's week in photos
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The modern-day Curies: Meet the scientist couple behind 90% effective COVID-19 vaccine
Ozlem Tureci and Ugur Sahin are rapidly becoming the most celebrated marriage in science since Marie and Pierre Curie discovered radioactivity.
Man dressed as giant rat takes subway mask requirement to new heights
So this giant rat walks into a Midtown subway car — and nobody blinks an eye. "Buddy the Rat" — AKA performance artist Jonothon...
Giants progress on the line in key division battle vs. Eagles
It was one of those comments that actually sounded a bit funny. It came in response to a question about the progress made along...
Walmart repurposing warehouses to ship online orders faster
Walmart is repurposing some of its massive distribution warehouses to help it deliver online orders faster ahead of the holiday shopping season. The nation's...
For President Trump, a larger fight endures after 2020 election: Goodwin
It will take a miracle now, actually several of them, but President Trump is not ready to throw in the towel. Publicly at least,...


Diddy Can't Dive: Rapper's pool video goes viral
Sean Combs is working on his pool skills during lockdown, but the producer may be in too deep.
Vera Wang was 'totally shocked' her sports bra photo went viral
"I always thought of myself as somebody who, in all fairness, was the creator and not the subject matter. So it was sort of...
Thanksgiving meal kits and delivery services for an easy holiday feast
Turkey dinner on demand: How to order your feast from home.
How Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee's daughter, channels her father's philosophy
Shannon Lee is no stranger to death. Her father, Bruce Lee, the actor and martial-arts legend, died from cerebral edema in 1973, just before...
Maria Bartiromo: Don't censor her and don't call her a conspiracy theorist — or else
Maria Bartiromo isn't budging. Unlike well-known journalists like Megyn Kelly, Lara Logan, Glenn Greenwald, Sharyl Attkisson, Trish Regan and others who've either been fired...
Nintendo Switch just had the second-best October in video game history
The looming release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X didn't put a damper on Switch sales last month, with Nintendo's flagship console...
Cheating celebrity pastor Carl Lentz sold $1.5M home days before scandal broke
Landlord help him.
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