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Coronavirus Daily Update: Nurse says dying COVID-19 patients still don't think virus is 'real'

November 17, 2020 - Hospitals may limit access to Eli Lilly COVID-19 treatment
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Nurse says dying COVID-19 patients still don't think virus is 'real'
A South Dakota nurse says some of her COVID-19 patients still refuse to accept that the virus is "real" — even in their dying...
Hospitals may limit access to Eli Lilly COVID-19 treatment
American hospitals may have to ration Eli Lilly & Co.'s new COVID-19 treatment as the rapid spread of the virus strains their limited supplies,...
COVID-19 panic buying: Toilet paper, essentials fly off shelves again
With COVID-19 cases surging across the US, panic buying is back in vogue — as evidenced by a sea of empty shelves in supermarkets...
Immunization against COVID-19 could last years, new study claims
Once a person develops immunity against COVID-19, it could last for years, a new study suggests. The promising research comes on the heels of...
Giant supermarket apologizes for 'plan a super spread' ad
Grocery chain put its foot where its mouth is after publishing a suspect ad in its own magazine.
Woman left wheelchair-bound after contracting COVID-19 at BLM protest: reports
A California woman has been wheelchair-bound for five months after contracting coronavirus at a Black Lives Matter protest, according to reports. Nataly Najarro, 24,...
More than 300 people exposed to COVID-19 at superspreader Washington wedding
Health officials in Washington state are asking more than 300 people to quarantine after attending a wedding earlier this month. More than a dozen...
Austin hospitals take El Paso patients as city battles COVID-19 crisis
Hospitals in Austin, Texas, are taking in non-COVID patients from El Paso to ease the burden on the city's overwhelmed medical facilities amid a...
Walgreens puts up signs reminding people COVID-19 vaccine isn't ready yet
People are so hellbent on getting a COVID-19 vaccine that Walgreens locations across the nation, including in New York, were forced to put up...
Dog owners who walk pooches at higher risk of contracting COVID-19: study
Dog owners who walk their pooches are 78% more likely to come down with COVID-19, a new study claims. Researchers from the University of...
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