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Coronavirus Daily Update: New stats reveal massive NYC exodus amid coronavirus, crime

November 14, 2020 - Andrew Cuomo calls Trump a 'bully' in feud over COVID-19 vaccine
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New stats reveal massive NYC exodus amid coronavirus, crime
More than 300,000 New Yorkers have bailed from the Big Apple in the last eight months, new stats show. City residents filed 295,103 change...
Andrew Cuomo calls Trump a 'bully' in feud over COVID-19 vaccine
Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he won't let President Trump "bully" New Yorkers over the COVID-19 vaccine. "That's how this president operates. He bullies," Cuomo...
Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine spurs wave of freezer panic buying across country
Hospitals, states and cities across the country are panic-buying freezers to store Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine, which requires ultra-cold temperatures for storage, even as the...
NFL team in flux after big-name starter contracts COVID-19
COVID-19 has knocked out another NFL starter. Bills cornerback Josh Norman has tested positive for the coronavirus, the team announced Saturday. He was placed...
California Gov. Gavin Newsom apologizes for breaking own COVID-19 rules
California Gov. Gavin Newsom is catching heat as a COVID hypocrite — for attending a pricey dinner party for 12 even has he scolds...
Seven test positive for COVID-19 on first Caribbean cruise since March
Seven people have now tested positive for the coronavirus aboard the first cruise ship to venture into the Caribbean since the beginning of the...
Lessons learned in COVID-19's first wave benefiting French patients, doctors say
With Paris locked down for a surging second wave of the coronavirus, doctors say they are now better equipped to save lives after learning...
Grammy winner tests positive for COVID-19 in left nostril, negative in right
Erykah Badu is understandably confused after somehow testing both positive and negative for Covid-19 this week.
House Democrats make new-member banquet 'to go' after backlash
House Democrats on Friday decided to make their traditional new-member banquet a "to-go" event after facing backlash for planning the lavish indoor dinner despite...
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