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Coronavirus Daily Update: Pennsylvania governor vetoes bill to reopen state’s restaurants at full capacity

October 19, 2020 - Trump knocks 'dumb bastards' at CNN, 'Fredo' for COVID-19 coverage
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Pennsylvania governor vetoes bill to reopen state's restaurants at full capacity
Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf vetoed a bill that would allow the state's restaurants to open at full capacity, saying that COVID-19 cases have been...
Trump knocks 'dumb bastards' at CNN, 'Fredo' for COVID-19 coverage
President Trump on Monday denounced what he called the "dumb bastards" at CNN and "Fredo," a nickname he's often attached to CNN host Chris...
Traces of coronavirus found on frozen seafood packaging in China
Live traces of the coronavirus were found on frozen seafood packages in a Chinese city that recently suffered an outbreak of the deadly disease,...
Hungarian restaurant 'reinvents the wheel' for social distancing
BUDAPEST- Hit by a plunge in turnover after foreign tourists vanished, Michelin-starred Hungarian restaurant Costes has staged a skyline dining event on the Budapest...
'Crazy' beekeepers determined to make it in tough times
IOLA, Wis.— They wrote it right into their business plan — an expectation that, each year, at least half the stock on which their...
Czech bar staff race model electric cars to bide time amid lockdown
PRAGUE – A Czech cafe has turned its bar area into a model electric car track for bartenders and staff to pass the time...
Texas woman in her 30s died from COVID-19 while on flight
A Texas woman died from COVID-19 while on a flight from Arizona, officials announced this week. The unidentified Garland woman in her 30s began...
US-Canada-Mexico borders to remain closed as coronavirus persists
The United States will keep its borders with Mexico and Canada closed for another month for all non-essential travel, the acting US homeland security...
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