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Coronavirus Daily Update: NYC's daily youth COVID-19 infection rate hits 3 percent

October 27, 2020 - COVID-19 causes 'chronic' cognitive deficits equivalent to brain aging 10 years
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NYC's daily youth COVID-19 infection rate hits 3 percent
The city's daily youth COVID-19 infection rate hit 3 percent on Monday, state numbers show. According to the data, 2,499 kids between the ages...
COVID-19 causes 'chronic' cognitive deficits equivalent to brain aging 10 years
Coronavirus can significantly impact brain function, causing mental decline equivalent to the brain aging 10 years, according to an alarming new study. A study...
Italy sees violent protests against COVID-19 restrictions
TURIN, Italy – Protests flared across Italy on Monday against a new round of government restrictions aimed at curbing a resurgent coronavirus, with violence...
Pfizer will be able to provide 40M COVID-19 vaccine doses by end of year
Pfizer, the pharmaceutical giant behind one of the coronavirus vaccine efforts, will be able to provide an initial 40 million doses of its vaccine...
COVID-19 complicating holiday plans? Experts weigh in
Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner, but like most everything else this year, these events will likely look a bit different than...
Lakers, Dodgers title runs becoming a COVID-19 mess for Los Angeles
The success of the Los Angeles Lakers and Dodgers are bringing fans together in the LA area and that may be helping drive an...
SUNY will test all students for COVID-19 before they go home for Thanksgiving
SUNY students, get ready for turkey and stuffing — a swab up your nose! All students of New York's public university system will be...
COVID-19 patient 'much better' after receiving treatment similar to Trump's
A woman in Wales said she was feeling "much better" after receiving the same experimental antibody treatment for the coronavirus that President Trump did...
Stephen Amell reveals he tested positive for COVID-19
He revealed he fell ill while shooting the wrestling drama "Heels."
More than 20 coronavirus cases traced to Trump rallies in Minnesota
The Minnesota Department of Health said that 23 cases of coronavirus have been linked back to campaign events in the state for President Trump,...
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