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Coronavirus Daily Update: Illinois restaurants, bars remain open to defy governor’s closure orders

October 23, 2020 - COVID-19 'cluster' linked to live music event at Virginia restaurant
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Illinois restaurants, bars remain open to defy governor's closure orders
Some restaurants and bars in Illinois are promising to stay open despite threats from Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker to shut down establishments that don't...
COVID-19 'cluster' linked to live music event at Virginia restaurant
A live music event at a restaurant in Henrico, Va., is linked to a "cluster" of cases of the novel coronavirus, local health officials...
In hard-hit Peru, worry mounts over both COVID-19 and dengue
PUCALLPA, Peru — Two of Lidia Choque's close family members had already gotten sick with the new coronavirus when the mosquitos arrived. The 53-year-old...
Mayor de Blasio disses Manhattan: Midtown is 'not center of universe'
It may contain the "Crossroads of the World," but Mayor Bill de Blasio said Friday that Manhattan is "not the center of our universe."...
Nearly 130K lives could be saved if everyone wears masks: study
Universal mask-wearing could save almost 130,000 American lives from the COVID-19 pandemic through February 2021, according to scientists. A study, published Friday in the...
AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine trials can resume in US
Federal health regulators have greenlit the resumption of US studies of AstraZeneca's clinical trial of its COVID-19 vaccine after it was put on hold...
Japanese entrepreneur starts volunteer online message counseling
TOKYO — Suicides are on the rise among Japanese teens and that worries 21-year-old Koki Ozora, who grew up depressed and lonely. His nonprofit...
Pandemic 'corona stamp' made of toilet paper features baby elephant
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