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Coronavirus Daily Update: Dr. Fauci warns US may not return to 'normalcy' until 2022

October 29, 2020 - I fled NYC amid COVID — and it was the worst decision of my life
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Dr. Fauci warns US may not return to 'normalcy' until 2022
The earliest doses of a COVID-19 vaccine will likely be rolled out for first responders in late December — but we'll be stuck with...
I fled NYC amid COVID — and it was the worst decision of my life
They took off in a hurry — but these New Yorkers are on the express line back to the city.
Health worker's eye socket broken after asking rail riders to wear masks
A London rail rider is accused of breaking a United Kingdom health service worker's face after he asked a group why they weren't wearing...
COVID-19 may raise risk of developing Parkinson's disease: study
The coronavirus may play a role in triggering the onset of Parkinson's disease — even in those with no family history, according to a...
Top-ranking US Space Force officer tests positive for COVID-19
A top-ranking officer in the US Space Force has tested positive for COVID-19, the Air Force said in a statement Wednesday. Gen. David Thompson...
COVID-19 mask use up overall, still lags among young people: CDC
While Americans increased their reported mask use between April and June, other mitigation measures dropped or saw little improvement, according to a report from...
'Songbird' trailer: Michael Bay imagines four-year COVID lockdown hell
Because reality isn't bad enough.
Maryland man busted for refusing to wear mask at polls, files lawsuit
A Maryland man was arrested this week for refusing to wear a mask at an early voting site, and is now suing — claiming...
Remote island country records first coronavirus cases
The coronavirus has reached the Marshall Islands, one of the last few spots on Earth to have remained free of the deadly bug, according...
Puerto Rico scraps safe-sex campaign urging people to masturbate during pandemic
Puerto Rico's health department scrapped a safe sex campaign urging people to masturbate to avoid contracting the coronavirus — after conservative critics said the...
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