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Post Opinion: Oscars’ Orwellian diversity quota throws out merit: Devine

September 10, 2020 - The ugly privilege of rich white 'protesters'
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Miranda Devine
Oscars' Orwellian diversity quota throws out merit: Devine
There go the Oscars. Forget merit, now filmmakers will have to subject their art to Orwellian tests of identitarian purity if it is to be eligible for a Best Picture…
The ugly privilege of rich white 'protesters'
Boy, are they awfully . . . pale for members of the "New Afrikan Black Panther Party": We're...
Betsy McCaughey
Save Election Night: There's no reason America has to wait weeks for final results
The left and its media allies are warning Americans not to expect a winner on Election...
In de Blasio's New York, Asians just don't count as a minority
Asian-American small businesses have been hit as hard as any other in the city by the...
Andrew Cuomo going off the rails under the stress of NY's pandemic woes
Gov. Andrew Cuomo is now in full-on flailing mode, zig-zagging wildly in the wake of New...
E.J. McMahon
Andrew Cuomo's SALT-y deceptions
For the better part of three years now, Gov. Cuomo has been pounding SALT — the...
Rafael A. Mangual
By fostering crime, de Blasio has deepened the 'two New Yorks' divide
In his 2014 inauguration speech, Mayor Bill de Blasio pledged, using a Dickensian theme, to "take...
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