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Coronavirus Daily Update: COVID-19 reinfections reported in the Netherlands, Belgium

August 26, 2020 - Everything we know about coronavirus reinfections
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COVID-19 reinfections reported in the Netherlands, Belgium
Two coronavirus patients in Europe have been reinfected with COVID-19 in a confirmed development one scientist called "not good news," according to a report...
Everything we know about coronavirus reinfections
At least three people this week were infected with COVID-19 a second time, throwing into question what we know about immunity to the deadly...
CDC now claims people without COVID-19 symptoms may not need a test
Previously, the CDC recommended that anyone who was recently exposed, or suspected they were exposed to the virus be tested.
This California city may pay COVID-19 patients to stay home and quarantine
The California city said the proposed stipend would provide the equivalent of $12.50 an hour for two 40-hour work weeks to those who don't...
MLB proposing bubble-like environments for postseason
Major League Baseball could be played in a bubble after all. MLB has sent a proposal to the Players Association about playing the postseason...
Why 2020 social-distancing rules are so outdated: scientists
You still shouldn't go to parties, though.
Stress headaches surge during COVID lockdowns, research shows
The logistical headaches of the coronavirus pandemic led to more cases of actual head pounding last spring, new research shows. Ten states saw reports...
All the ways Americans are pinching pennies during the pandemic
Growing their own vegetables, switching to one-ply toilet paper and eating lots of leftovers — these are just a few ways Americans are pinching...
Researchers say Biogen conference led to 20,000 COVID-19 cases in Boston area
A two-day conference for officials from the biotechnology firm Biogen at a Boston hotel in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic resulted in...
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