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Coronavirus Daily Update: Air-conditioned rooms help spread COVID-19, research shows

August 22, 2020 - Music stars get pass on NYC quarantine rules for VMAs
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Air-conditioned rooms help spread COVID-19, research shows
Dry air and air-conditioned rooms can help spread the coronavirus, according to an Indian-German research team that looked at the role of relative humidity...
Music stars get pass on NYC quarantine rules for VMAs
NYPD cops will check out the VMA shows — to make sure artists and entourages are wearing masks and staying socially distant, city officials...
Biden would 'shut down' US to stop coronavirus spread if recommended
Joe Biden says he will close the country down to stop the spread of the coronavirus if scientists recommend he do so. The democratic...
Trump accuses FDA 'deep state' of slow-walking COVID-19 vaccine
President Trump on Saturday accused the Food and Drug Administration Saturday of deliberately slow-walking COVID-19 treatments to hurt his 2020 reelection chances. "The deep...
NFL player nearly jumped off balcony after being caught at college party
Isaiah Wilson, the Titans' offensive tackle from Brooklyn, was willing to do anything to evade Tennessee State campus police – even considering jumping from...
Cam girls are now working inside warehouse studio 'pods'
COVID-safe co-working spaces have arrived.
Gray is the new black
Why the COVID pandemic will make the 60-plus generation more powerful than ever
Issa Rae acknowledges COVID-19's role in 'Insecure' Emmy love
"We came on during a time when people were bored at home and … and our show served as a comfort."
What I love and hate about this wild MLB season
As we approach the midpoint of this bonkos Major League Baseball season, what comes to mind is the joke about the dumb guy who...
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