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Today's Big Stuff


It's Monday. There are 113 days until the presidential election. Trump and the MSM team up to smear the one guy who understands what's happening, Betsy DeVos doesn't care what happens to you or your kids and Roger Stone is a free man.

Note: Fore! Sorry about that. You'll have to excuse us. We're writing today's TBS from the golf course. We know we have work and responsibilities, but we just decided to play golf instead. Lindsey Graham said it was ok. Just kidding. We're not total dunces. Can you imagine someone blowing off their job to go play golf when 140,000 Americans are dead and millions more are unemployed?! And then that motherfucker lied about it, claiming to play far less than President Obama. Unfortunately for America, the White House press corps decided a long time ago that Trump can lie about the real president as much as he wants and they won't say a word. We'd say that Washington reporters are some day gonna have to reckon with their pathetic toadying, but it's not like they ever reckoned for their colossal screw-ups in 2016. Anyway, if you do blow off work to go play golf -- and you're not the president of the United States -- we kinda get it. Hell, it's the end of the world. Why isn't everyone playing hooky?

Note two: 2020 sucks so much. Y'all don't know how much we love the movies of Kelly Preston. If you've never seen "For Love of the Game," watch it tonight. Our favorite baseball movie (the Sandlot is a close second). RIP. More: People

Note three: What do Dan Snyder and Donald Trump have in common? They're two rich racist assholes who this weekend did the bare minimum. Oh you changed the racist name of your football team decades too late? Oh you wore a mask to Walter Reed months too late? Congratulations, dumb shits. Here's your cookie.

Note four: This is cool and important. More: ABC News

Note five: Speaking of people decidedly not sticking to sports... More: ESPN

Note six: Tucker Carlson is racist trash. Everyone who works at Fox and doesn't condemn him and his show is racist trash. Fox is racist trash. This is all true. It can all be backed up with mountains of evidence. And absolutely nothing Tucker "Hitler Youth at Middle Age" Carlson says tonight will change any of that. So why the fuck does official Washington keep looking at it with a wink and a nod? More: Washington Post

Note seven: If you didn't already, check out Palm Springs on Hulu. Freaking hilarious. 

Note eight: Welcome to another week in hell. Let's get through it together, shall we? Love y'all! 

Fauci out; Woolery in

Is that the stupidest thing we've ever reported? Possibly, but the competition is stiff. Yes, the White House spent the weekend shoveling despicable oppo against Dr. Fauci and gutless complicit Washington reporters helped them spread it. Yeah, after refusing to even meet with Fauci for weeks, Trump has decided to trash him in addition to sidelining him. Why? Because Fauci tells the truth and has a higher approval rating. That's it. The good news is the president has apparently decided to take the advice of Love Connection host Chuck Woolery, who doesn't know anything except that everyone is lying except his fellow gameshow host. Also, to the reporters who helped carry out this hit on Fauci, we hope your families don't deal with the same shit the rest of us are. Maybe then you might take this crap seriously instead of treating it like some goddamn game. More: Washington Post, The Daily Beast


It's the new virus -- an Education Secretary who doesn't give a flying fuck what happens to our kids. The billionaire rapist-defender who wants to make a coat out of your dalmations spent the weekend hitting up the Sunday shows to make clear she doesn't know what's going on, doesn't have a plan of any kind and doesn't have the slightest bit of care about the health and safety of our kids, their parents or anyone who works in a school anywhere in this country. Do these people think everyone hates their kids as much as they do? Like, we kinda get it. If we had a little Don Jr. running around the house, we'd probably send him to a school that was made entirely of infectious diseases. But the rest of us actually care about our kids and ourselves and the teachers. More: Washington Post, CNN, CNN II


Every day, Trump unleashes a new assault on decency and the rule of law. But damn commuting Roger Stone's sentence sure manages to stand out for its corruption. Trump ordered Stone to work with Wikileaks. Stone lied and covered that up to protect Trump. As a reward, Trump commuted Stone's sentence. That is what happened. That is America now. Almost as troubling is how this egregious misconduct was met with tough talk and zero promises of action from House Democrats. They are apparently done for now. If we want the accountability we were promised in 2018, we're gonna have to get it ourselves. Also, after we're done with Trump, let's think about electing tougher Democrats who don't roll over when they see shit like this happening. But don't worry, Robert Mueller is coming to the rescue oh who are we kidding he clearly doesn't have the energy or interest to defend this nation anymore and he's clearly more worried about some antiquated rules of etiquette than he is standing up for America. What a dud. More: The Atlantic, The Daily Beast, Washington Post

Today's clips

There were no signs of the typical throngs of supporters camped out days in advance for a good spot; the Republican governor said he would skip it, advising anyone at high risk to stay home over coronavirus concerns; fears of a repeat of Tulsa's disappointing turnout weighed heavily; and then came the stormy weather reports, which could have further stifled attendance.
More: NBC News

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Friday expressed gratitude to Donald Trump for avoiding in public the thorny subject of the U.S. president's promised border wall during a summit in Washington earlier this week.
More: Reuters

President Trump's chief of staff, Mark Meadows, has told several White House staffers he's fed specific nuggets of information to suspected leakers to see if they pass them on to reporters — a trap that would confirm his suspicions. "Meadows told me he was doing that," said one former White House official. "I don't know if it ever worked."
More: Axios

Test results for the novel coronavirus are taking so long to come back that experts say the results across the United States are often proving useless in the campaign to control the deadly disease.
More: Washington Post

Inside the Trump campaign's headquarters this week, a team of cleaners scrubbed down surfaces and disinfected equipment — a recognition that coronavirus has found its way into the heart of the president's reelection bid, regardless of Donald Trump's public dismissals of recent risk.
More: Politico

More than 1,000 employees at the Transportation Security Administration have tested positive for the coronavirus, according to figures the agency released Thursday. Nearly all of them are security officers who have continued to work screening passengers at airports throughout the pandemic.
More: Washington Post

The pandemic's toll on workers who have been furloughed or laid off like Herdez is measured in numbers that splash across headlines: 1.4 million new weekly unemployment claims and 18 million people are already receiving continuous unemployment insurance. Tens of thousands of workers at Levi's, Wells Fargo and United Airlines learned this past week they could be furloughed or laid off in coming months, sending those workers to seek jobless benefits as well.
More: Washington Post

On July Fourth, before President Donald Trump spoke to the nation from the White House lawn, he spoke indirectly to another community on Twitter: QAnon.
More: Politico




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