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Post Opinion: Why New York Times praises ‘cancel culture’ but skips over its own racist history: Goodwin

July 12, 2020 - The rich brats of social media are finally getting their comeuppance
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Michael Goodwin
Why New York Times praises 'cancel culture' but skips over its own racist history: Goodwin
The Gray Lady's legacy includes Confederates in the closet — men and at least one woman who supported the South and slavery during the Civil War.
Ben Widdicombe
The rich brats of social media are finally getting their comeuppance
Remember the 20th century? Phones had dials; the closest thing anyone had to Internet erotica was...
Rav Arora
The fallacy of white privilege — and how it's corroding society
Last month, I retweeted a comment by a contrarian writer who questioned whether racism was to...
Scott Stringer drops the green eyeshades for his own spending dreams
The city comptroller's job is to watch the budget, spot waste and protect taxpayer dollars. Alas,...
It's a lot harder to fire a bad NYC teacher than a bad cop
Pot, meet kettle: Randi Weingarten, the head of the American Federation of Teachers, says police unions...
Mary Kay Linge
How a power-hungry CEO drained the light out of General Electric
Jeff Bornstein could not control his emotions. "I love this company," began the tough-talking, hard-driving chief...
Brian Blase
Why Congress must say no to the $600 unemployment bonus extension
As the recent two jobs reports show, the economy is much stronger than many thought it...
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