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Morning Report: NYPD cop placed in headlock while trying to break up Bronx crowd, video shows

July 12, 2020 - Great white sharks are lurking off NYC-area beaches
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NYPD cop placed in headlock while trying to break up Bronx crowd, video shows
A pair of NYPD cops simply wanted to disperse a crowd gathered on a hot July night at a Bronx street corner. But as...
Great white sharks are lurking off NYC-area beaches
Beware beachgoers: social-distancing violators might be the least of your problems. At least three great white sharks lurk in local waters, with another monster...
Naya Rivera's mother breaks down at California lake where actress went missing
The actress' mother and brother also donned life vests and boarded a boat to help with search efforts today.
Why Meghan Markle should be afraid of Johnny Depp's disastrous libel trial
If privacy is truly what Meghan Markle craves, she should take one look at what happened to Johnny Depp last week and drop her...
Inside the suicide PSA video Ashley Massaro filmed just before her death
The tragic tune is now being released after the artists received the green light from her family.
'SNL' star Colin Jost reveals his mom's 9/11 nightmare story 
"My mom said she was waiting to die," Jost writes.
President Trump wears face mask for visit to military hospital
President Trump is covering up. The president, who has resisted calls to wear a face covering in public throughout the coronavirus epidemic, appeared for...
Macy's takes 50 percent off select items for Black Friday In July Sale
Macy's is bringing some serious deals with its Black Friday In July Sale, which kicked off...
Boat crumples like a wad of paper in this epic crash
Sassy 4-year-old explains how not to talk to girls
Baseball is back as Phase Three reopening continues: The Post's week in photos
Naya Rivera photos through the years: 'Glee,' motherhood and more
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Former USA Gymnastics coach arrested for sexual lewdness with a minor
A former USA Gymnastics coach has been arrested for multiple counts of lewdness with a minor, according to Las Vegas police. Terry Gray, 52,...
City Hall 'walks' back Mayor's plan for community leaders to 'walk with police officers'
Mayor de Blasio has said community leaders would walk "with police officers" through violent hot spots in the city this weekend — but a...
Yankees can forget about being American League favorites
The Yankees are not the American League favorites. Oh, the defending AL East champions might capture the junior circuit's pennant. They certainly can. Yet...
Ford workers ask to stop making police cars amid brutality protests
Ford employees are prodding the company to stop making cop cars amid a nationwide uprising against police brutality. Ford staffers made the demand in...
Why New York Times praises 'cancel culture' but skips over its own racist history: Goodwin
The Gray Lady's legacy includes Confederates in the closet — men and at least one woman who supported the South and slavery during the...
'Star Wars:The Empire Strikes Back' tops box office for the first time since release
The Force is strong with this one. For the first time since it's 1980 release, "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back" is at the...
Jessica Simpson celebrates 40th birthday in her 14-year-old jeans
They still fit.
Lululemon offers major markdowns on apparel, accessories and more for surprise sale
You won't have any problem finding trendy sportswear while browsing Lululemon's latest flash sale. The athletic brand is having some major markdowns on apparel,...
'Tiger King' star Carole Baskin has a new enemy in her sights
Tiger Queen Carole Baskin has another big cat "rescue" she wants to shut down.
Ex-Fox News anchor Shepard Smith joins CNBC
Former Fox News anchor Shepard Smith is set to join CNBC as the host of a new nightly newscast. The 56-year-old newscaster will host...
Sick Nazi song goes viral on TikTok with more than 6.5 million views
It took three days to yank the appalling anti-Semitic song.
Alec Baldwin is hush-hush shopping his Village penthouse
When Alec Baldwin isn't drinking Clorox while impersonating President Trump on "Saturday Night Live," he has quietly been shopping his sprawling penthouse off-market at...
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